Maplewood Home Care, In the Spotlight at Last

Maplewood Home Care opened its doors in January, 2013 with a goal of being one of Rochester’s premier home care agencies. When people ask us, “Are you affiliated with Maplewood Nursing & Rehabilitation in Webster?” we smile and say, “Absolutely.” As the conversation continues and we’re then asked “Well, do you hold the same high standards as Maplewood Nursing Home?” our answer is again, “Absolutely.”

Being part of Maplewood, we too hold the highest standards of excellent care and compassion for both our clients and their families. Maplewood Home Care’s set of beliefs and behaviors follow The Maplewood Way in everything we do. We operate on these beliefs and behaviors because of who we are, and so our staff can be proud to say, “I work at Maplewood Home Care.”

So what exactly is The Maplewood Way? Just like Maplewood Nursing Home, Maplewood Home Care is a great place to work, exhibits operational excellence in the quality service we provide and maintain, and has a staff that leads by example. Further, Maplewood Home Care values experience, expertise and innovation in all our employees – not just out in the field but also in the office. And lastly, exceptional customer service is provided by listening and following through on the needs of our clients and their family members. If you see one of Maplewood Home Care’s staff members just ask them, “How do you like working in the home of your clients?” They’ll respond with a smile and a respectful, positive attitude toward you and to their co-workers.

In September, 2013 we were approved by New York State Department of Health as a Licensed Home Care Service Agency (LHCSA), opening the door for Maplewood Home Care to provide home care services to five surrounding counties. These counties are: Wayne, Monroe, Livingston, Ontario and Orleans. We are a 24/7 operation that offers companion care (i.e., hands-off care), home health aides (i.e., hands-on care), and nursing services.

Please let us know how Maplewood Home Care can assist you and your family member by staying safely at home with the peace of mind stemming from our beliefs and behaviors that follow The Maplewood Way.

Sue Chambery LPN, Intake Specialist