Deep Compassion Forges a Passion for Learning

Congratulations to Companion Caregiver Natisha Walton, now certified as a Home Health Aide

A passion for learning and the underlying commitment toward self-betterment finds its source from many different things. The source can be an event or a life experience. It can simply be what’s in our DNA. It can sometimes be both, or other factors altogether.

With Maplewood Home Care’s Companion Caregiver Natisha Walton, her passion for learning stems in large part from the deep and sincere compassion she holds for the people in her care.

This was evidently clear as we got to know Natisha during her first interviews with us. When our employees exhibit in such tangible ways the level of compassion, skill and commitment, our philosophy is to show the same level of commitment toward them by extending opportunities to take part in specialized training. These training opportunities give Maplewood Home Care employees a chance to grow their skillset, qualify to become available for more caregiving assignments, and to ultimately (and most importantly) bring benefit to the people who are in our care.