The Maplewood Way

Distinctly Different

Maplewood Home Care is not your average care provider. We’re committed to using our extensive knowledge of health care to support you and your goals. Started by The Maplewood, we have decades of experience and a unique approach that is focused on what you need. Our goal is to ensure your loved one has the quality of life they want and you have the peace of mind you deserve.

We are distinctly different with:

  • An administrative staff with experience in nursing, social work and health care
  • Internal training that goes beyond health care industry standards
  • Selective hiring practices to ensure low turnover rates
  • A focus on your needs and the needs of your loved ones
  • Warm and compassionate staff members that enjoy caring for others
  • A commitment to state-of-the-art technology that ensures continuity of care, communication with staff, and efficiency with day-to-day operational performance

The Maplewood Way

We started Maplewood Home Care to provide exceptional personal home care. We provide consistency of care by training our caregivers in The Maplewood Way, a code of conduct that encourages going the extra mile, working as a team and treating others with respect.

Simply put, The Maplewood Way is a tradition of caring and of creating a positive atmosphere in our office and right in your own home. Because to us, you are like family and we want you to have the very best care we can give. It also means that we stay current in our areas of expertise and utilize the latest technology. We will do our part to make sure you are supported and that your loved ones are well cared for every step of the way.